What is a cantilever, and how does it feel to be high up with nothing underneath you?

Publication: Brick Underground How do you add square footage and outdoor space to an existing industrial building without violating New York City’s byzantine building codes? One clever solution is cantilevered terraces like those on the upper floors of 90 Morton, which have been arranged to maximize views and privacy. The flying terraces hang out over empty … Continued

Want to live in a converted factory? Your chance to rent or buy one is better than ever

Publication: Brick Underground The folks at Brick Underground prominently featured 90 Morton in their list of industrial-to-residential conversions around New York City, showing off the building’s gorgeous lobby and one of its double-exposure West Village condos. 90 Morton is housed in a former printing factory, and many of that structure’s features, like 12-foot ceilings and oversized … Continued