Plan Your West Village New Year’s Eve Celebration at 90 Morton

90 Morton | Plan Your West Village New Year’s Eve Celebration at 90 Morton

It’s hard to believe, but the New Year is almost here. As another year comes to a close, and a fresh start looms on the horizon, there’s only one thing to do: celebrate. No one celebrates New Year’s Eve like New York City, where the streets seem to thrum with electricity and excitement as the clock nears midnight. Skip all the hustle and bustle and imagine hosting your own more intimate celebration, right in your West Village condos at 90 Morton. At home, you’ll have the ideal location, space, and vibe to ring in the New Year in style.

First, consider choosing a theme. Themes help draw the elements of the party—décor, drinks, food, music—into a cohesive design. Some people wrinkle their noses at the thought of a themed party, and we understand why. (Is there anyone who actually wants to spend an entire evening in an ugly sweater?) But if you keep that in mind, you can choose a theme that’s both easy and classy. For example, consider a masquerade party. It’s a theme that seems to pair easily with the intrigue and excitement of the occasion, while also allowing your guests to wear their favorite cocktail attire, as long as they have a mask. Or you could mark the new decade by going back a century to the Roaring Twenties. Your friends who love dressing up can go all out with flapper dresses and pinstripe gangster or elegant Gatsby suits, while anyone who decides to come at the last minute can embellish their “look” with a feather or fedora and fit in just fine. 

After you’ve chosen a theme, curate the atmosphere. When you live in the West Village homes at 90 Morton, most of the work is already done for you, thanks to the 12-foot-high ceilings, oversized windows, and loft-like layout. You can help set a classic, romantic mood with candles from Diptyque, the French scent specialists. The Fire Candle smells exactly like a crackling fire, evoking a bit of hygge, and the Tuberose Candle smells just like the creamy white blooms of its namesake. 

For some, the most difficult part of hosting a party is the food. However, hosting a party doesn’t mean you need to spend an entire day chopping, roasting, and sautéing (although, if you want to, the kitchens at 90 Morton are well-equipped for a day of doing so). Citarella Gourmet Market, the nearby seafood market, has an excellent selection of prepared seafood; some of it does need to be cooked, but as it’s already been seasoned and prepared, it’s a much easier undertaking. 

For champagne and other wine, head over to MCF Rare Wine in the West Village. After all, New Year’s Eve in NYC is the very definition of a special occasion, so you’ll want to have something special to pop. Matt Franco, the owner, promises visitors “an old-fashioned consultation experience,” so you won’t be left in the dark while trying to make your selections, and you’ll get guidance you can trust. 

With a little preparation and thoughtfulness, the best venue to ring in the New Year is at home in your West Village sanctuary at 90 Morton.

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