Luxury In the West Village: Why Celebs and Developers Covet This Historic Neighborhood

Publication: Forbes July 18, 2019 The West Village’s popularity has always presented a challenge to developers: Where in this historic neighborhood can they build the luxury homes prospective residents want to buy? Brack Capital’s solution? Converting a former printing press at 90 Morton Street into a 12-story residential building that houses 35 luxury condos, as … Continued

Sounds of the West Village

90 Morton | Sounds of the West Village The Village has been a destination for music lovers since the days of Bob Dylan taking his first steps onto a cafe stage as an unknown and Miles Davis playing the Village Vanguard. To this day, you can hear some of the world’s best musicians right in … Continued

Ultra-High Ceilings Are Enhancing Wellness

Publication: Lux ExposéJune 26, 2019 The higher the ceilings, the hotter the real estate listing—at least in New York’s luxury market, that is. The Brack Capital Real Estate-developed West Village homes for sale at 90 Morton are wowing potential residents with their soaring 12-foot concrete ceilings. In addition to being an eye-catching statement piece in … Continued

Reach for the Sky—Why High Ceilings Are Wellness Boosters

Publication: Broker PulseJune 26, 2019 The hottest home feature in New York luxury real estate these days? Sky-high ceilings. Fortunately for those who call 90 Morton home, the building’s 35 Gottesman Szmelcman Architecture-designed West Village homes for sale more than deliver when it comes to headroom. The Brack Capital Real Estate-developed boutique residences offer 12-foot … Continued

Take Pride in Your Neighborhood

90 Morton | Take Pride in Your Neighborhood The modern LGBTQ rights movement began in the West Village of New York City in the late 1960s. The epicenter of that movement, the Stonewall Inn, where New Yorkers stood up to law enforcement in protest of the criminalization of sexual orientation, is now a national monument. Exactly … Continued

The Right Home For Your Value and Lifestyle Awaits

Publication: Haute Residence June 20, 2019 The perfect luxury residence to suit any style is out there in New York City—if you know where to look, that is. For bibliophiles, that dream space is a home at the luxury building, 90 Morton, designed by Gottesman Szmelcman Architecture and located in the West Village. In addition to … Continued

Start Your Own West Village Tradition: The 90 Morton Dinner Party

90 Morton | Start Your Own West Village Tradition: The 90 Morton Dinner Party Everyone has their traditions and rituals to recognize milestones and special moments in their lives, and often they involve gathering with the people you hold dear. But, if the prospect of hosting a dinner party strikes you as daunting, fear not. The … Continued

Completion Imminent For 90 Morton Street, As YIMBY Revisits Its Skyline Views, In The West Village

Publication: New York YIMBYMay 24, 2019 Construction is now wrapping up at 90 Morton Street, in the West Village, and closings are about to commence for its 35 residences. The building was once an abandoned, eight-story printing warehouse, but has now been transformed into a 122,000-square-foot, twelve-story condominium project. Asaf Gottesman of Gottesman-Szmelcman Architecture is the designer, … Continued

Bookstores of the West Village

90 Morton | Bookstores of the West Village Fear not, bibliophiles: booksellers abound in the West Village. With the convenience of online shopping, bookstores may be slowly disappearing, but in NYC—especially near the West Village condos at 90 Morton—there are still shops that are not just surviving, but thriving. There’s something special about many of … Continued

Exploring The Hudson River Greenway

90 Morton | Exploring The Hudson River Greenway While New York City has always had throngs of cyclists pedaling furiously on its pavement, the city has recently become far more bike-friendly. There were 513 miles of bike lanes in 2006, and now there are over 1,300. When it comes to bike lanes and bike paths, … Continued